Granite Lake TIny Home Rentals

Tiny Homes at Granite Lake

We are not sure if the interest in tiny homes will always be so high.  But we do know that the hundreds of people who have visited Granite Lake to stay in our cottages or look at the homes for sale all reflect a significant movement.  A movement that challenges how much home is really needed and agrees that cleaning and paying for more house than is needed does not make sense.  

Furnished homes at Granite Lake

The Tiny Homes at Granite Lake include three permanent furnished homes.  The owners live in the “Meadowview” model on the right.  The Tumbleweed on the left and the Blue Bonnet in the middle are the vacation rental units at Granite Lake you can rent directly on this site

Inventory of Homes for Sale

Granite Lake also hosts a little business selling tiny homes called Highland Lakes Tiny Homes owned by Lisa Morgan.  Lisa’s business sells Platinum Cottages and will have customers interested in buying a “Park Model RV” come to the lake, check out the homes and walk around the grounds.  Most vacation rental guests  like to also check out the model homes and enjoy learning about this segment of the tiny home movement.

Tiny Home Gallery