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Top 10 Recommendations

Favorite things to see and do at Granite Lake

1. Hang out around the Lake

Most visitors would testify that Granite Lake itself is the main attraction for vacationing in one of the tiny homes.  Hanging out around the lake on the swings or among the rocks is simply marvelous.

Hang our Granite Lake

Some people say the rocks are “Holy” while others say they have “Good Energy.”  We just know that the formations are unique and people like them … a lot.  Technically they are igneous batholiths made of feldspar quartz and mica (the three components of granite). 

There are many granite outcroppings in the area but this extra-special collection has such diverse shapes coming right out of the water attracting a wide array of wildlife…. Its rare and unique and creates a fantastic backdrop to a relaxing retreat.  

2. Experience Tiny Homes

Many visitors say, “I’ve seen tiny homes on TV but never in person.”  

“Tiny Homes” make people smile.  TV shows have popularized the interest but the movement is powerful and not just a fad.    

Technically, these units are “Park Model RVs.”  On our 11 acre Granite Lake property, we have three furnished Park Model RVs and up to three empty units for sale at Lisa’s tiny business Highland Lakes Tiny Homes which sells Platinum Cottages

The special little lake with these amazing tiny homes makes a winning combination.  Come for an afternoon, check out the homes and hang out by the lake or book a stay and “test drive a tiny home.”

3. Wildlife Photography

Sure … Professional photographers love the rich abundant imagery at Granite Lake.  
But almost everyone who visits pulls out their smart phone and captures some memories.

Granite Lake Photography

What makes Granite Lake images compelling is the combination of interesting subjects and with fantastic surroundings.  
The water and rocks in the background of a shot adds so much.

4. Bird Watching at Granite Lake

Is it the water or the rocks that attract the prolific and diverse bird population to Granite Lake?
Its probably the combination that we can thank for the constantly entertaining feathered guests.

There are always waterfowl and arboreal (tree-dwelling) birds to see and enjoy.  Black Bellied Whistling Ducks are here most days.  And Canadian Geese visit almost as often.   The lake is full of bait fish, so the waders like blue herons and egrets are seen most days.  We have a vibrant humming bird population as well.

Many days, you can see unique species like the unidentified flock in the image above.  The water source and security of resting on the rock formations seems to make Granite Lake a migratory resting point.

5. Bluebonnet Season

The Texas Hill Country is famous for its spring bluebonnet season.  
Granite Lake has some of the healthiest most abundant bluebonnets in the area.

Bluebonnets at Granite Lake

March through April are the peak times for enjoying the bluebonnets in Kingsland.  Other wonderful wildflowers cary on through May and even the rest of the summer depending on rainfall.  

We actively tend the prolific bluebonnets at Granite Lake.  We pay close attention to the sprouts in late fall and water the baby bluebonnets to maximize their success.  The well drained granite gravel is optimal for growth and we have huge examples grow along the shoreline of the lake and down below the dam.

6. Fishing

What a fantastic area for fishing! Granite Lake is stocked with fish and Lake LBJ has fantastic fishing opportunities.

Big Blue Cat

I recently met an old timer who spent his childhood in Kingsland “before roads round here were paved.” 
He said the fishing is better now than it has ever been.

We can tell!  I have been “running a trot line” out in the Lake LBJ canal below Granite Lake and catching amazing fish.  The beautiful blue catfish I am holding in the picture above is one of many bass and catfish trophies.

A huge population of perch is thriving in Granite Lake. A small population of bass and catfish have been established as well. With all those perch, they are growing rapidly.

7. Kayaking

We own 2 kayaks which guests are welcome to use.  While the 4-acre Granite Lake is small, kayaking around the rock features is a wonderful activity and provides unique views of the scenery and wildlife.

Besides kayaking in Granite Lake itself, guests with more experience and abilities can kayak out our canal to Lake LBJ. Another adventure for enthusiasts is to rent a Kayak from a local company Just Yakin and explore one of the many lake locations in the area.  

8. Hiking and Biking

Hiking and biking activities at Granite Lake and beyond.

Granite Lake Overview Image

The image above shows you the unusual shape of the 11.6 acre Granite Lake property.
The following information will orient you to the on-property hiking, biking and kayaking.

  • The tiny homes and our other little buildings are only located on one corner of the property
  • The rest of the 11 acres is left “park-like” and natural – perfect for hiking and biking enjoyment
  • The lake is not quite as big  as the outline indicated in the drawing
  •  The outer blue line indicates the dirt road / trail around the lake which can be biked or hiked
  • The “Lake LBJ Channel” is a canal which ends at our property below the Granite Lake dam
  • Kayaks can be taken out through the canal into lake LBJ for exploration or fishing

Beyond our property are additional opportunities for hiking and biking.  Everything from biking or walking around the neighborhoods next to Granite Lake to world-class technical mountain biking at  Reville Peak Ranch only 30 minutes away.

Another favorite destination only 20 minutes away for hiking is Inks Lake State Park.

Both Reville Peak Ranch and Inks Lake Park are full of the kind of unique granite outcroppings that make Granite Lake so attractive to its fans.

9. Lake LBJ Activities

Lake LBJ is immediately beside Granite Lake  with endless recreational potential. 

 As noted on the map above, our land includes the tail end of a shallow canal that connects us with Lake LBJ.   

The Texas Hill Country Northwest of Austin is famous for the “Highland Lakes” formed from a series of dams on the Colorado River.  Some argue that Lake LBJ, because it is maintained at a constant level, is one of best highland lakes.  It provides boating, skiing and exploration opportunities that would take a lifetime to exhaust.  You can also see on the map above the Llano River which joins the Colorado at Lake LBJ.  The Llano has adventures all its own to contribute to your stay.  Boat and waverunner rentals are available locally through companies like  Splash Boat Rentals

10. Enchanted Rock State Park

Most visitors to Granite Lake love granite outcroppings.  Enchanted Rock is the mecca of granite batholith uplifts in the area.   

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is only 40 miles from Granite Lake.  The destination is so popular that on days with heavy visitation, the park is closed once capacity is reached.  So plan your trip very early in the morning if you want to visit on a weekend day or holiday.  Better yet, plan the trip on a weekday when you are less likely to experience long lines or crowds.

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