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Enjoyed our Stay!

Mike and Lisa, We really enjoyed our stay in your tiny home. Thank you so much for everything. You have a beautiful, peaceful place and we will be telling everyone we know about it. We hope you continue to enjoy what you are doing here Monte and Benja… Read more “Enjoyed our Stay!”

Benja Pritchett

Beautiful Homes!

Granite Lake Guest Matt Turner

Beautiful homes, at a beautiful place, owned by beautiful people! This is the perfect place to relax for the weekend, or make a complete lifestyle… Read more “Beautiful Homes!”

Matt Turner
Jan 3, 2018

Relaxing Getaway

Kelly Ballenger

Rosco and I had a blast! What a great getaway and so relaxing! The 5:00 bird feeding is a must… Read more “Relaxing Getaway”

Slice of Heaven

Closson Family

A slice of heaven in the hill country! Loved… Read more “Slice of Heaven”

Respite from the Chaos

Visiting here was a respite from the chaos and overwhelm of daily life. I loved sitting on the rope swing, warming myself by the fire at night, and resting in the cozy tiny home. I’ll definitely go… Read more “Respite from the Chaos”

Great Tiny Homes!

Granite Lake Guest

These Tiny Homes have wonderful floor plans and are very comfortable as soon as you step foot in the door. The attention to detail and quality are impressive. The storage is creative and highly… Read more “Great Tiny Homes!”

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